Mrs. Chetna Pawar

Her vision is to support small , needy farmers, she has provided several free training to tribal groups, her training is well versed with years of expert knowledge she has gained through her experience

Ms. Chetna Pawar plays a crucial role as a Director on the Board of Mumbai Organic and serves as the Spawn Production Manager at Siddharth Mushroom. With a dedicated presence in the mushroom business since 2001, Ms. Chetna transitioned to full-time engagement in 2010. Presently, she adeptly manages the business, showcasing her proficiency in the industry. In 2021, she ventured further by establishing her proprietary firm, Ruchika Agro, specializing in the trading of spawn and mushrooms. Her entrepreneurial venture has achieved notable success under her leadership.

Ms. Chetna enjoys cooking as a hobby and actively contributes to the creation of new products. Her curiosity, innovation, and diligent work ethic form a powerful blend of qualities that significantly contribute to the growth of Siddharth Mushroom.

Education-wise, Ms. Chetna holds a degree in BA (Hindi) from KJ Somaiya. Complementing her academic background, she completed mushroom cultivation training at agriculture college of pune, comprehensive 3-month mushroom training program at KVK, Nashik. These educational endeavors further enhance her expertise and proficiency in the mushroom industry.

Ms. Chetna’s journey is a testament to her commitment and innovation in the field. Through her leadership, Siddharth Mushroom continues to thrive, and her venture, Ruchika Agro, stands as a successful enterprise in the mushroom trading domain. Ms. Chetna’s dynamic personality and dedication exemplify her integral role in shaping the success of Siddharth Mushroom and contributing to the broader mushroom industry.

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